Comprehensive Wealth Management

Achieving Your Goals through a Detailed Financial Planning Process

Individuals & Family Strategies

Wealth Management

More often than not, wealth management is used to define a narrow range of services within the financial industry. However, TopTier refuses to follow the crowd.

We choose to define wealth management in a very comprehensive manner instead. Not only should it be an extremely inclusive service—coordinated with several professionals—but it must also be as detailed as possible.

In fact, the more we dive into the details of a financial situation, the more we can proactively protect (and, just as importantly, exceed) your goals.

Personalized Strategies

To create such a detailed wealth management strategy, we must first strike up a conversation.  We want to know you personally and understand your unique financial goals. After learning about your visions—and how we can help you achieve them—we will then collect all the information we need to create your distinct strategy.

This information will then be analyzed prior to developing your strategy alongside other professionals (attorneys, CPAs, insurance agents, etc.). Once your strategy is developed, we will continue to work with these professionals to monitor and adjust it on a long-term basis.

Investment Management

“Past performance does not predict future results.” Unfortunately, in our opinion, few wealth management firms take this advice seriously, even if many seem to utter it frequently.

Instead, most financial advisors only invest their clients’ hard-earned money in “Five Star” mutual funds that will go nowhere but down—even after previously stellar performances. This type of performance chasing can actually reduce investors’ returns significantly.

With this in mind, TopTier has an eye on the future, as we utilize investment vehicles that we believe offer the purest exposure to the roles they should serve in clients’ portfolios. Also, our detailed financial planning process allows us to construct portfolios that seek to perfectly balance clients’ capacities for risk—with the performance they need to achieve their goals.

The bottom line is this: We believe the focus on an investment’s role—rather than its past performance—increases the likelihood you achieve the investment performance you deserve.

Independent and Fiduciary

TopTier has a fiduciary duty to act solely in your best interests every single day. We have no hidden agenda or pressure to sell a specific product.

As a result, we can sit on the same side of the table as you and determine which options are the best for your specific situation—time after time.

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